Our Programs

Fun and instructive activities

Through fun activities, kids learn and experiment with healthier food options and life habits.

Community Kitchen

Hundreds of nutritious meals are prepared weekly in our kitchen by local mothers. In addition to preparing meals for their family, they prepare and deliver extra portions to the most vulnerable residents in the community.

Medical and dental care

A team of medical professionals provide free consultation, treatment, and medication to residents with special needs.

Learning Gardens

Through the garden, kids and adults gain a better understanding of ecosystems, food origins, and knowledge of plants’ life cycles. They also learn practical horticultural skills that last a lifetime.


Nutrition workshops, daily exercise routines and various group activities are offered to improve and maintain wellness of body and soul.

Art and Creativity

Activities, classes and special events are organized to give kids and residents of all ages the opportunity to experiment, discover and express their creativity through various art forms including painting, drawing, ceramic, embroidery, music, dance, etc.

Cooperative La Playa

Local mothers make beautiful hand-crafted items and homemade goodies they offer in exchange for donations.

Practical Workshops

Hands-on training to develop skills and abilities that could translate into revenue generation.

Community at Heart

Multiple events and celebrations are organized throughout the year for all residents to participate and enjoy.

Humanitarian Assistance

We provide ongoing support to the most vulnerable residents of the community. In times of crisis, we provide humanitarian assistance to any resident in need.