Our Programs

Arts & Creativity

Creativity helps kids grow by providing them with the opportunity to try out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving.  Creative activities acknowledge and celebrate children’s uniqueness and diversity.

Activities in this program aim to create an avenue for kids to express their mind and soul without constraints.


Children are our future and soon they will be the decision-makers, educators and possibly even policy makers.  What we teach them today has the potential to positively affect their lifestyle choices in the coming years.  

Activities in this program aim to teach the children about sustainability and help them become the next generation of environmentally-savvy citizens.


Developing healthy habits and a positive attitude to overcome life’s challenges and become a well-balanced adult are at the center of this program.   

Activities aim to improve both the mental and physical wellbeing of each child.


Providing continuous opportunities for children to learn is a gift for life. At the center, we always try to create the most favorable conditions for kids to develop new skills and further appetite for learning.   

Activities in this program aim at teaching something new, interesting and useful every day through various means.

Community at Heart

Kids and families of the La Playa Community live in very difficult conditions and need assistance to meet their basic living needs.

Activities and projects in this program aim to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable residents of La Playa through various means