“The Center was created by François Paris, a local artist, along with Pablo Sanchez Navarro, founder of the hotel El Ganzo with the dream of inspiring the kids of the local community. Their vision was to “build a bridge between the local children, visitors and artists through an interactive process of art, music and organic gardening”. 


A bunch of new wonderful volunteers and locals are now expanding what was started a few years ago by Pablo and François.  Our mission is to “create favorable conditions for the kids and families of the Community of La Playa to aspire to a brighter future”. Our vision is for “La Playa to become a fertile ground for the kids to rise to their full potential”.


The Center is open six days a week and has become one of the favorite place for kids to come after school.  More than 80 kids are registered and 40+ kids in average come every day to have fun at the Centro Comunitario. They have many activities to choose from including: arts and crafts, English classes, meditation, Zumba classes, discussion groups, organic gardening, recycling workshops and much more.